“That’s the idea. But it’s not a set thing and there’s no script. If it doesn’t come together in a way I think is really great I’m not going to do it.”

This a quote from an interview Ben Affleck had with The Guardian when asked about his directing the movie.  Now I was under the impression that he was the one writing the script along with Geoff Johns, so what exactly does this mean?

Now here is where the tin foil hat comes in and I wear it with pride (not in public off course).

There’s a few things I can peel off from this:

  1. He was writing the script and did not like how it was coming so it was scrapped and is back to the board.  Maybe he means that if he doesn’t come up with a good script the movie will just not happen with him, at least writing/directing.
  2. Either he is having trouble working with Johns or vice versa.  This may be making the development of the script very difficult. Now, Johns is the Chief Creative Officer of the DCEU so he may be pulling rank on Affleck as to the direction that the movie should take or Affleck may be pulling his director/writer pedigree to say where the story should go and it clashes with the path they wanted the DCEU to go. (Although I don’t think they have a plan as to where it should go).
  3. It is the heads of WB that are trying to micromanage the creative process hindering what both Affleck and Johns are trying to do.

If it is a conflict between Ben Affleck and Johns, then WB should side with the experienced award winning writer/director rather than the inexperienced CCO.  Now, I am a big Geoff Johns fan and I really like what he did with Green Lantern (my favorite DC character), but the truth is he is not that experienced in the movie business, so he should suggest but not stand in the way of Ben Affleck when creating this movie.

Given previous experiences I think the most likely thing is WB executives micromanagement. Man Of Steel is one of my favorite comic book movies as it showed an inexperienced Superman learning to be a hero and the consequences your choices can carry, as well as how far you would be willing to go to save humanity. That was an excellent movie.  Then came Batman V. Superman which was an insult to comic book movies.  It was horribly written, the plot was nonsensical, they tried to fit too many storylines in one.  Resolving the conflict with the name of one person is ridiculous. If you think someone is going to destroy the world and you have to stop him at any cost, the fact that your mothers have  the same name is not going to change your mind and say, “oh, well, if his mom is name Martha he must be a good guy.” and I don’t even want to talk about the stupid performance that gave us Lex Luthor. This was a movie made to make money without caring what the movie was about. “Just say they are going to fight, make the fight like 10 minutes long and then fill the rest with nonsense.”  The one thing that stopped me from standing up and just walking out of the theater on that movie was Ben Affleck’s performance as Batman, which is why I was excited about the Batman movie.

Then came Suicide Squad. This was a very promising movie.  It had a great cast and a great director, However WB executives are reactionary and decided to make a good amount of changes to the movie almost last minute, because of the public’s reaction to BvS.  They gave the editing responsibilities to a company that edits trailers.  That was dumb and you can see how badly edited the movie was. They ruined the movie.

Then we hear about the problems that they are having in keeping directors for The Flash.

WB has no idea how to handle the DCEU and they are ruining what could have been amazing cinematic experiences.

I am now worried about Justice League and Wonder Woman (which is a movie I am really looking forward to.)

I would like to think that it is just Ben Affleck’s perfectionism when it comes to writing a movie about a character he loves. I would like to think that this will bring us a great movie, because he will not stand for a bad product. So We shall wait and see and I will keep my fingers crossed.

Let me know what you thought of these news on the comments below.

I’ll see you between the frames.


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