If there was any question as to when the story in Prometheus was going to connect with the main Alien storyline, It has been answered now.  The new poster for Alien: Covenant has been released and, in my opinion, it is perfect. There is nothing else you need.


You have the Xenomorph coming out of the darkness with a simple tag line “Run”.  What else do you need?

I am just now super excited to see a trailer for this movie. I am a big fan of the Alien franchise (which does not include anything after Aliens (Weeeell Alien:Resurrection was…ok)). I was very excited for Prometheus and while it did not live up to expectation, specially because there were no Xenomorphs (spoiler) except for a small cameo at the end, I had a lot of fun with it. Now that we go back to the proper bad guys in these series, the level of excitement is over 9000.  Which could be bad (high expectations sometimes can ruin your enjoyment of a movie) but right now I can’t help it.

Let me know what you think of the new poster for Alien:Covenant on the comments below.

I’ll see you between the frames.


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