Disney has released a trailer for their upcoming live action adaptation of beauty and the beast.  The first thing I noticed about the trailer was the great use of color, The contrast of cool and warm that lead your eyes down to what the director and the cinematographer wanted you to see.  This movie looks like it is going to be beautiful to watch.

Emma Watson seems to be doing a good job as Belle,  I will have to wait for a better sampling to make a final decision on that. Now, what I am having problems with is the CGI.  To begin, let me just say that I know the movie doesn’t come out until March of 2017, so a lot of the CGI may not be fully polished right now, However, I have to say that I was not very impressed with it, Specially after seeing in the Jungle Book what they can do.  Beast seemed completely artificial, his mouth barely moved, his hair looked like it was made out of plastic.  cogsworth, I was distracted trying to find some features on him rather than being impressed with a talking moving clock, which is what I should have felt. And there was Chip, the teacup. I thought they had done away with his mouth and just have him move, so I had to back up the video and double check just to see the thinnest of lines moving in what seemed like a mouth.

Finally there was the accent, The fake french accent on Lumiere really threw me off.  It pulled me out of it.

There should be another trailer coming before the release of the movie, so maybe some of these things will be polished in that one giving us a better look at what the movie will be.  I want this movie to succeed, so I will keep my hopes up.

Let me know what you thought of the trailer in the comments below.

I’ll see you between the frames.


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