Unless dates change, in about a year from now we will experience the return of The Predator in the big screen.  The fourth installment of the movie will be brought to us by Shane Black (director / screenplay) and Fred Dekker (screenplay). Having this movie in Shane Black’s hands fills me with a lot of confidence and nervousness at the same time.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and The Nice Guys are in my favorite movie list.  Iron Man 3, while being a good Shane Black movie, was not a good Iron Man movie (granted the whole Mandarin thing rubbed me the wrong way ( I confess to comic book fan bias on this regard)).  I love his original stories, didn’t like the big studio adaptation.  Which is why I am split in my expectations for the movie.  However, and this is what tilts the scale to: very excited, The Predator does not have a very strict path the story needs to follow in order to go along the cinematic universe it belongs to, so that allows more for the vision of the director to take shape.

On Saturday, Shane Black tweeted this:

“just to be clear… PG-13 is for pussies.  Spines bleed… a lot.”

Which confirms that the movie will follow the path of its predecessors in being an R rated movie. This is great news.  As we know the customs of the predators are quite violent.  They rip heads of the bodies with the spine still attached. They skin the bodies of their victims and hang them upside down from trees, and like to decorate the bodies of their unworthy victims with large holes on the chest, courtesy of their shoulder cannons.

I, personally, will be eagerly awaiting more news on the project as well as looking forward to that first trailer.

Also, you can follow me on Twitter @mpinzonart.  I am also working on getting a youtube channel up and going to talk about movies, videogames and art, so come visit me there too. Content will come soon.

In the meantime, let me know what you think about the upcoming Predator movie and its rating in the comments below.

I’ll see you between the frames.


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