New trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Dear any movie company marketing department.

The present letter is to request that you watch the different trailers that have been released by Marvel studios for Guardians of the Galaxy.  Please note that the trailer, specially the second one, does not reveal any plot points.  It is the second trailer and we do not yet know what the heck the movie is about.  “This is a bad thing” you may say.  “We will lose the audience because they don’t know anything about the movie” You may add, but this is not true.  Please note that this is an ensemble movie, so, the important point of this trailer is to show the interactions between the characters, and that is exactly what it does.  We can also see how some of the relationships have evolved since the first movie.  We get a shot of each of the main characters that spotlights who they are.  Please note that a question from the first movie is answered in the trailer – Who is Star-lord’s father? – In the sense that Kurt Russell shows up on screen and says “I’m your dad Peter.” However, we don’t know from the trailer who he is, or what his story is (unless you have been keeping up with movie news and know who he is and furthermore have read the comics and know who the character is).  Had it been one of your trailers, it would have probably revealed half his story.

I do have to admit, that there are problems with this trailer, or at least a thing that I didn’t like. The music.  As you may know, Guardians of the Galaxy has a deep connection with music from the 80’s and it has been predominant in all the previous trailers, but this one it just doesn’t fit.  It loses some of the flavor that this story has had since the first trailer for the first movie.

Anyhow. Please learn from this because it was a great trailer and I can not wait for this movie to come out.

Any comments and opinions you may have about the trailer, please leave them in the comments below


Mauricio (umcomics)

From Glowing Blaze.

P.S: you can follow me on Twitter @mpinzonart.  I am also working on getting a youtube channel up, where I am going to talk about movies, videogames and art, so come visit me there too . Content will come soon.

I’ll see you between the frames.



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