Warner Bros. Has taken the approach of making their DC movies dark in tone, which is fine, there is nothing wrong with that, when handled the correct way,  and so far, aside from Man of Steel they have failed.  So hiring a director/storyteller with ample experience in making fun movies with a dark undertone is the right move for them.  Now it seems that that is what they are doing by hiring James Wan for Aquaman, and now being courting Matthew Vaughn to direct Man of Steel 2.

Since the WB started their DC cinematic Universe,  they have been kind of in a mess trying to decide in which direction they want to take the stories.  They have been paying less attention in what the stories need to be and more into reacting to the market.  When they first dipped their toe into the cinematic universe waters, they did it in a great way with Man of Steel.  

In almost every story I have seen told about Superman, he already knows who he is, what he stands for and how to use his powers.  In MoS he was learning what it is to be Superman and the consequences of being this super powerful being.

After Man of Steel, DC should have kept building their universe, going one step at a time, but instead of that,  they decided to jump ahead and make Batman V Superman.  That, could have been a success,  but they went in without really knowing what they were doing,  BvS was an incredibly bad movie, with a horrible script, and without a real reason to make Batman and Superman fight, they made Bruce Wayne a Xenophobe and gave Superman a silly way to go pick a fight. The resolution of the fight was the laziest piece of writing I have seen in a long time. And don’t get me started on shitty Lex Luthor.

But then they heard the critics and all they took from it was “the movie is too dark” so when they were going to release Suicide Squad, they decided to take the movie David Ayer (who is a great director -Fury, Training Day, end of Watch) and gave it to a trailer cutting company to re-edit and it got messed up, all because they wanted to make it lighter a fun.

Now getting Matthew Vaughn to direct the second installment to Man of Steel will accomplish what they want in a great way (provided they leave him, for the most part, alone to work on this movie).  There has not been one movie he has directed that I have not liked.  He has a great eye for balancing humor and moments of light with a dark story. I really hope this becomes a reality and he directs that sequel.  If not it seems that WB still would like him to direct one of their DC movies,  so I will be crossing my fingers for him to contribute to them as I have high hopes for the DC cinematic universe, even though so far it has been for the most part disappointing.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of Matthew Vaughn directing a DC movie.

Also what do you think of the DC movies so far.

I’ll see you between the frames.


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