So right out of nowhere, SONY announced a release date of October 5th 2018 for their Venom movie.  They have been playing with the idea of a Venom movie for a while now.  First when they were planning their Amazing Spider-Man shared universe,  Venom was going to be the follow up movie to Sinister Six.  but when the Amazing Spider-Man 2 crashed and burned,  those ideas were abandoned.  Then when the deal with Marvel was announced, they also mentioned that they wanted to do a Venom movie that would not be connected with Spider-Man, which really, to me does not make sense, since the powers and look of the suit are inherited from the time Peter Parker wore the black symbiote, but I suppose they could work around that.

Venom being the main character, would mean that he is the hero,  or antihero, in a Deadpool kind of way, which in the comics he kind of was (depending on who wore the symbiote).  They could make it Agent Venom, and just make it be a tool of the army, but that would not be as interesting right of the bat I suppose. However,  all of this must already have been decided, since a release date of october 2018 means that they would have to start shooting very soon to have time for post production.  So i am thinking they already have a script and casting figured out and will be announcing that soon. Otherwise, they are pushing themselves into a corner.

There are rumors that Alex Kurtzman has been hired as director for this movie.  I can’t really say much about this because he has not really directed much, a few TV episodes, People Like Us, which I have not seen, and the upcoming The Mummy movie. So I don’t know what his skill as a director is, so we shall see.

Venom is a great character and one that can spawn an interesting movie franchise if handled right,  he can also create his own enemies on the symbiote spawns and  I would really like to see a movie version of Carnage.  They can make Venom a villain and use the life foundation to force him into the “hero” role out of the feeling of responsibility for the actions of the symbiote spawn, like in the comics.  In the comics, Venom became sort of a hero when serial killer Cletus Kasady merged with the Carnage symbiote and began a killing spree.  So they could do something similar here.

However for now all we can do is wait and see if SONY releases new information of their plans for this movie.

Let me know what you think about a Venom movie and if you think it would work, if set apart from Spider-Man, in the comments below.

And I’ll see you between the frames.

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