It appears that DC and Warner Bros. are taking a second look at their movies and changes are being made to their release schedule.  One such movie is The Green Lantern Corps.  I was very happy when I heard that they were a little more serious about releasing this movie, and not just a Hal Jordan movie, but a movie about the whole organization of space police officers. Obviously Hal will be at the center of the movie, but it may give more screen time to other members of the corps.

The past two movies that were released under the new DC cinematic universe have crashed critically.  They, to be honest, were not good, so in order for their movies to thrive,  they need to put out quality movies. They can’t just rely on the character names in the title of the movie to bring in the revenue.  In order to do this, they need experienced filmmakers, that can adapt to the wishes of the studio,  but also tell their own stories.  They also need solid scripts that actually tell a coherent story, which is what messed up BvS, the script by David S. Goyer (and some of the acting) was horrible. Otherwise they will end up with a mess in their hands and the trust of the fans, not to mention the general public, will start to wane.

It is rumored that David S. Goyer will be directing the Green Lantern Corps movie.  I am not a fan of his, I have not liked most of the movies he has written and his directorial experience is incredibly limited.  This is one of DC’s most popular titles,  a lot of eyes are going to be on this movie, and it will be one of the biggest pins in the DCCU map.  This will be one of those movies that need to be good,  and putting it in the hands of Goyer would be a mistake.

Let him direct something else before a big ten pole like this one.  Give him a smaller movie to test himself with and if he succeeds, then give him something else to build him up with, and then the super big budget movie.  This will be the wrong movie for him to experiment with.

Another worry of mine with this move is studio pressure.  When a name like Mel Gibson is rumored to direct Suicide Squad 2, I am happy and quite sure that the movie will be in good hands,  because he is a great and proven director, and if the studio starts pressuring for things that will go against the story to accommodate future releases,  he will just send them packing and it would be a bad idea for the studio to be at odds with an award winning director.  Plus he would be one of those directors that can negotiate for final cut.  Goyer however, in director terms, carries no weight, so he can just be pushed around to do whatever changes the studio wants, even if they affect the flow of the movie. As an example take a look at the most recent Fant4stic movie.

Time will tell what happens with this movie,  but I would personally like it if they go with a more experienced director.  Time will tell.  Hopefully a successful Wonder Woman movie will make them see things more clearly.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of David S. Goyer directing the Green Lantern Corps movie.

And I’ll see you between the frames.





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