By Mauricio Pinzón

There is no doubt in my mind that if there is anyone that can hold a conversation with an animal and make it amusing is Robert Downy Jr.

It seems that Universal is interested in releasing a remake of Dr. Dolittle, the man who can talk with animals.  While I am not sure how interested I am to watch a movie based on the animal doctor, just imagining Downey Jr’s sense of humor and banter, go between him and an animal just making noises, seems something I will pay money to see.  Now I hope the movie is like the 1967 version,  where the animals did not have a voice,  and not like the Eddie murphy movie,  where the animals spoke, so that the audience could hear what the doctor could.  There seems to me to be a better opportunity for humor when you are kind of waiting to find out what the animal said,  there is a better chance for comedic timing.

The movie will be directed by Stephen Gaghan. He will also be writing the screenplay. He has a small amount of movies under his directorial belt,  however,  one of these movies is Syriana, which is a movie that was nominated for best original screenplay and won George Clooney an Oscar.  I like that he is moving in this direction as well,  it shows that he is a director that tries to sample every genre.

While on tour to promote her new movie, “The Zookeeper’s Wife”, director Niki Caro, said to ScreenCrush, when asked about the live action adaptation of Disney’s Mulan:

I haven’t started yet so I can’t give you any real detail. But the budget and the location and the story is offering such scope to me for [an] incredible, muscular piece of girly martial arts extravaganza in China. And I can’t wait.”

This is something I like to hear.  The strong female lead has been more in the forefront in the last few years,  and Mulan will be continuing this trend.  The movie does require a female lead who can not only act, but also fight in a convincing way (not like Finn Jones in Iron Fist, but that is a discussion for another day). I just hope that the movie focuses more in the story rather than the action, just like in the original.  Also word is yet to be revealed about how musical this movie would be.  I hope not to much,  because while it works great on the animated movie,  I am not sure it will work very well on a live action war movie.

Lastly, some sad news.  This past Sunday a great artist passed away.  Bernie Wrightson, who was suffering from brain cancer, passed at the age of 68.  He was one of those artist whose work is an inspiration.  It is a clear example of dedication and talent, he will not be forgotten.  Among his work, is the creation and illustration of DC’s Swamp thing, as well as a series of magnificent illustrations inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.  He also contributed to the film industry as a concept artist for movies like Heavy Metal, Creepshow and Ghostbusters among others,  as well, as writing for the Heavy Metal movie, and TV shows like Swamp thing, Justice League Action and Justice League Dark, and the Arkham Knight Video Game.

Rest in Peace Mr. Wrightson, my thoughts will be with his family and friends.  Please visit his website to enjoy some of his magnificent work.

Let me know your thoughts on these news in the comments below.

And I’ll see you between the frames.


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