Sony released three new posters for Spider-Man Homecoming.  The first two are kind of generic, Spidey sticking to a surface getting ready to swing.  It is nothing we haven’t seen a million times before, and in the one on the sign, to me at least, he looks superimposed.  The third one, on the other hand, is great.  It shows a lot of the personality of the character.  It gives you an insight into who Peter is and that even though he has a lot of responsibilities as being Spider-man,  he is still a teenager.  This is the poster I want to see walking into theaters.

Sony also released a trailer today.  This one shows us more about the plot of the movie, and it is what I wanted to see.  The trailer shows us a Peter Parker, who is trying to be both a teenager and a superhero.  It focuses on both.  The previous movies showed his struggle at being Spider-man with a flavor of high school. This one seems to mix them both in the right way.

It shows how he is trying to find himself, be his own hero, rather than doing things just to impress Tony Stark.

I liked seeing Tony in a mentor position.  Guiding and, in his way, taking care of Peter, who is just taking his first steps into being a superhero.  Even in the trailer the scene where Peter says that he is nothing without the suit and Tony responds that if he is nothing without the suit he doesn’t deserve it, carries a lot of weight.

It was good to see Peter going back to the basics and using his old uniform to find himself.

In almost every superhero movie,  the villain is almost a consequence of the hero, or is what he is to counteract the hero,  but in this one,  it goes above Spider-Man, to the one person, who in this cinematic universe, is far more recognized and a bigger challenge,  and that is Iron Man.  The reason I like this is because Peter is not fighting them out of a sense of guilt but out of a sense of heroism.

I have great expectations for this movie.  I think this will be the Spider-man I read in the comics.  The Tobey Maguire films showed a great Peter and an ok Spider-Man.  The Andrew Garfield films showed a great Spidey,  but an ok Peter.  This one seems to be a great combination of both.  I am basing this opinion on what I have seen in the trailer and from Captain America: Civil War.  

Can’t wait for July to get here.

What did you think of the posters and the trailer? Let me know in the comments below

And I’ll see you between the frames.


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