A long time ago In a country far far away, I read a comic book that impressed me to no end.  That comic book was Valerian & Laureline, so when I heard that Luc Besson was making a movie out of this comic I was thrilled, but worried that it would not be as good as it could be.  A teaser was released a few months ago that showed that at least the movie was going to be beautiful.  And now a full trailer has been released.

We know, from movies like Leon the professional and The Fifth Element, that Luc Besson can tell a great story, so I wasn’t all that worried about the screenplay,  what I was worried about was that the story would be kind of set aside in favor of special FX.  But from the trailer I was able to see that this may not be the case.

It looks like the story will have great stakes with the destruction of a whole society, kind of like it was with The Fifth Element, and just like in that movie,  it will also have moments of humor and a bright look at a dark story.  I think there will be more trailers, and I hope they will further my understanding of the movie.

Have you seen the trailer for Valerian and the city of a thousand planets? Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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