By Mauricio Pinzon.

A new trailer for War of the Planet of the Apes has been released online and it shows that this is a franchise that keeps getting better and better.  While on the original series of movies,  they kept getting worse as they progressed,  on this one they just increase in quality.  This movie will be an all out war between species.  It also depicts which of these is the less civilized species, and surprise surprise, it is humanity.

Ever since the beginning of the series, the apes are trying to be left alone,  to live outside of the confines and cruelty of humanity,  but they keep getting dragged back into it.  Now it is the time to end it all and let the superior species come out on top.

Woody Harrelson looks menacing in this movie. This was a nice surprise as I am used to seeing him as the goofy careless character, but here he shows that he is a threat,  someone to be afraid of and that will not stop until he has fulfilled his mission.  I am looking forward to finding more about his motivations and hoping that there’s more to his character than the tough military man who follows orders.

On the previous movie,  every character had depth, they were more than a two dimensional dummy that just makes an appearance, so I am hoping that it is the same here.  I am also looking forward to finding out more about the gorillas that the humans are using and how they convinced them to fight alongside them.  At first I thought it was more a forced servitude, but it seems that there is a lot more behind their decision.

Technically this movie looks solid,  from the small sample that I was able to see,  the direction, the cinematography, the script, make up, CG, it all looks amazing, and the academy needs to wake up and recognized all that Andy Serkis is doing for this character,  it is a shame that he hasn’t been recognized for all his amazing work.

Let me know what you thought of the trailer in the comments below.

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