In the 1940’s Stetson Kennedy infiltrated the KKK to learn their secrets and expose the truth about this disgusting organization.  After having gathered enough information he attempted to provide the authorities with enough tools to act against them,  however this went nowhere.  In an effort to get what he had found out into the public, Mr. Kennedy contacted a radio station that produced a Superman radio show.  Needing new material and villains for the Man of Steel to fight, the producers of the show with the help of Mr. Kennedy, created the Clan of the Fiery Cross.  In the show Superman fought against a cell of the KKK revealing all the information Mr. Kennedy had gathered.  For his actions the KKK put out a contract on him.  Mr. Kennedy remained involved in different causes meant to help and protect others.

In 2012 Richard Bowers published a book telling the story of Mr. Kennedy and the Superman radio show, and how this action helped reduce the popularity of the clan exposing exactly what kind criminal organization it really was.  Now a movie is being developed about the book.  The movie will be written by Katherine Lindberg and produced by Lotus Entertainment, Paperchase Films, and Marco Vicini.

This is an important story to tell the public.  It is a story that I wish people would go out in mass to see and share, specially in the times we are living in.  The name of superman in the title may help bring people into the theater, however, Hollywoodland a great movie about George Reeves didn’t make that much money so who knows.  It is not known yet if Warner Bros. will allow the name of Superman to be used in the movie, or if the producers would have to change the character’s name to a made up one or seek association with a different well known franchise.  I don’t think that WB would go against them using Superman, they have nothing to lose by them using the character,  and I think they would have a backlash if they refused.  It is also a good story for them to get behind and support.

I will lie in wait to hear more news about this movie, such as director, actors and movie release date.  In the meantime I will be wishing the best to this project.

Let me know what you think of this movie being made in the comments below.

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