Sony pictures released the trailer for the Dark Tower. In these days of 10 trailers and 20 TV spots, there was a loud silence coming from the corners of the Dark Tower.  I know that the movie will be released in August, but for a movie like this one, it seemed to me that they would have started the buzz sooner, so I worried.  But I shouldn’t have.  If the movie is going to be as exciting as the trailer, I am going to enjoy it a lot.  

In the trailer we can clearly see the conflict between the Man in Black and the Gunslinger with Jake right in the middle of it all. For what I was able to see in the trailer,  the movie is going to take elements from the first couple of books and mix it into this one movie,  which I think is a good Idea. Just the first book would have probably made a boring movie.  The book is amazing,  but it would not have translated into an exciting engaging movie.  

This is a book series, so it only makes sense that they want to make this a movie franchise, so this movie needs to hit not only fans but the general public like a truck and leave audiences excited for the next Dark tower movie.  At the same time,  I hope that this is its own movie and that it has a conclusion rather than a set up for the next movie.  Sometimes that sense of unfinished business can leave a bad taste in people’s mouths.

I remember when I went to see the Fellowship of the Ring, I had read that book about 5 times by that point,  so I knew that is how the first part of the story ended to open the door for the Two Towers,  but the general public did not.  A lot of people walking out of the door were disappointed because they just got teased for the next movie and the ending felt anticlimactic.  This didn’t affect the series that much because it is the Lord of The Rings.  But as good as the Dark Tower is, it is not the Lord of the Rings and an inconclusive ending could affect the franchise.

I liked the tease of action, fantasy and character development in these trailer, it gave me three elements to be excited about, as well as, a taste of what the story is.  I now shed my nervousness to brandish my excitement.

Did you watch the trailer for the Dark Tower? Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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