The next instalment of the stand alone Star Wars movies has finished principal photography and is headed for post production.  This was announced on a video by director Ron Howard through Twitter.  In this video, he also announced that the movie had a title, Solo: A Star Wars Story. The title is very direct, Not much to interpret there, and this might be so that people who are still confused about the existence of the stand alone movies know exactly what they are walking into. A story about Han Solo.  If they had named it “The Kessel Run: A star Wars Story” people who don’t know much about Star Wars would have been confused, so I can accept The title even though is a little lazy (how magnanimous of me right?).

I have high hopes for this movie, not because is a Han Solo movie, but because if the stand alone movies take a life of their own it can expand the Star Wars universe beyond my wildest dreams.  Maybe we’ll get a Darth Plagueis movie, or an old republic trilogy, or something that would make me overflow with excitement, a Darth Bane movie. So, even though I want Lucas Films to leave the classic characters alone for this (Han Solo, Yoda, Obi Wan etc.) I understand that it is the way to create interest in this side of the cinematic universe.

Let me know what you thought of the title of the movie in the comments below.

And I’ll see you between the frames.


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