How can you up the stakes on dinosaurs going wild in a park? Well make them go wild while running from an erupting volcano, while the main characters in the movie try to rescue them.

Universal released the first trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.  This movie seems to be rooted in animal rights.  Do creatures that came from a lab have the same rights of those that naturally grew in the wild? Well it seems like they do, because our heroes go to the island to rescue them.

While I think this is going to be just a nonsensical, fun-fest; I question their decision to make a disaster movie like this. Also, if this is about going into a very dangerous environment, where you could die either from the dinosaurs or the volcano, it makes little sense for Claire to go there.  She is an administrator, not a soldier or a survivalist or anything like that.  If it had been established in the first movie that her character had some sort of training for this kinds of things it would make sense.  I am all for strong women kicking butt and saving the day in movies, but it just seems to me that she is just going to be the damsel in distress, running around screaming and getting saved by Chris Pratt’s character constantly, and that is a disservice to female characters in movies.  I hope she at least brings more comfortable shoes to run in this time around.

Jeff Goldblum is back Ladies and Gentlemen.  This is great, he was there for the first adventure, so it makes sense that he would be asked for his opinion on whether these animals deserve to be saved or not.  We even get a little nostalgia from his quote of life finds a way. I hope he does not go back to the Island, he has no place there.

Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to this movie, I am just hoping they don’t go to overboard with the action and forget to give us good characters and a coherent story.

Anywho, did you watch the trailer? Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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