In the 1940’s Stetson Kennedy infiltrated the KKK to learn their secrets and expose the truth about this disgusting organization. After having gathered enough information he attempted to provide the authorities with enough tools to act against them, however this went nowhere. In an effort to get what he had found out into the public, Mr. Kennedy contacted a radio station that produced a Superman radio show. Needing new material and villains for the Man of Steel to fight, the producers of the show with the help of Mr. Kennedy, created the Clan of the Fiery Cross. In the show Superman fought against a cell of the KKK revealing all the information Mr. Kennedy had gathered. For his actions the KKK put out a contract on him. Mr. Kennedy remained involved in different causes meant to help and protect others.



The spice must flow, and it will do so with the help of two great movie makers. The person at the helm of the ship, wearing both the producer and director hats will be Denis Villeneuve. If you don’t recognize him by the name, you most likely have heard of Sicario, Arrival and Prisoners, all of which were directed by him. If you haven’t watch these movies, you have to, they are amazing.


A new trailer for War of the Planet of the Apes has been released online and it shows that this is a franchise that keeps getting better and better. While on the original series of movies, they kept getting worse as they progressed, on this one they just increase in quality. This movie will be an all out war between species. It also depicts which of these is the less civilized species, and surprise surprise, it is humanity.