A new trailer for Wonder Woman has been released to the public and it is Great.  In this trailer we can see more about her past and her relationship with her mother,  plus creating a little mystery in the “truth about who she is” line.  I have great expectations for this movie and the trailers keep reassuring me that it will be a good one. This trailer clearly showed that this is a culture of fearsome warriors.  This movie may put the DCCU back on track. I have big hopes for the DC movies, but they still have to gain their footing. With one great movie down and one huge pile of steaming crap in the past, only the two upcoming movies can show if they are creating a firmer foundation or if it will crumble to the ground.

I am a big fan of the despicable me franchise.  I have watched the first two movies a great number of times and was very excited when I heard there was going to be a third one.  And then this trailer came out. What in the world is this? A twin brother? They could have utilize the family aspect in a better way. Something related to the daughters now grown They have been a central aspect of the previous movies and in this one they seem to be set aside.  The humor was terrible, I felt sorry for Steve Carell for having to read those lines.  I am waiting for another trailer, maybe that would change my mind,  but for now. I am not very hopeful for it.

Now a clip was released for one of my most anticipated movies of this year, and that is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.  This clip showed the amazing interactions of the characters,  which is what gives this movies their flavor. However, going with a poop joke? I’m not sure about that. It was not funny to me, but their chemistry was still great.

Have you watched these trailers? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.  

I’ll see you between the frames
P.S. Watch it on youtube as well.


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